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Detail: P783

With this edition of WaterShapes, Dave Peterson introduces a new, ongoing series that will focus on plan schematics builders can use to improve, fine-tune and fortify their projects. He starts here with a simple way to eliminate visual insults to waterline tile and interior finishes.

This detail depicts an easy way to conceal surface fittings that need not be seen. It enables the builder to clear the waterline tile or interior pool surface of unsightly appurtenances for autofill sensors, autofill lines and overflow outlets by installing them in the skimmer mouth.

There is no doubt thatplastic fittings, inlets, outlets and other aesthetic insults can visually disrupt an otherwise beautiful waterline tile or interior pool finish – and there’s no reason for it. Follow this simple detail and render these fittings permanently out of sight and out of mind.


• Tile the mouth of the skimmer to match the waterline tile.

• Match the skimmer color to the waterline tile as closely as possible (Keep in mind that the plastic skimmer is typically located in shadow.) Plastic skimmers are now available in colors other than white, and there are also bronze and stainless steel skimmers, as well.

• Use Schedule 80 PVC for the fill line, where waterline tile is dark (Munsell color value ≤7).

• Avoid using the plastic skimmer lid, which almost always mars the deck’s appears. Products such as Waterline Technologies’ Pour-A-Lid and other similar products enable you to match the skimmer lid to the surrounding deck.

David J. Peterson, P.E. IWI, is co-founder Watershape University and president of Watershape Consulting, Inc. For additional assistance with this detail he can be reached at [email protected]

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