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Value by Design
Consider this scenario:  You call up an interior designer.  In the course of the conversation, you ask him or her to come to your home, walk around, take measurements and listen to your ideas about a new look for your home.  That done, you want this design professional to go back to the office, draw up a plan, select materials and price the job. Would you be expected to pay for this service?  If you know anything about interior designers, you know the answer is a loud (and not inexpensive) "Yes!"  It's a trade where nobody works for free:  Whether you buy 100 yards of carpet, a gallon of paint or nothing at all, you have to
Solid Foundations
When it comes to just about anything that matters in life, whether personal or professional, the difference between success and failure is often your mindset and the attitude you bring to each situation, event or occasion.   That's a huge generalization, but it's something I consider each and every time I prepare myself for something important - such as meeting a prospective pool client face to face for the very first time.  I know at times like this that my performance will be determined by how I feel and that how I feel will directly influence
A Call for Ambassadors
"To succeed in business or in life, I don't think you need fancy schooling or highly technical experience.  What I think you need is common sense, a commitment to hard work and the courage to go your own way."                                   -- Robert Mondavi   That statement in Robert Mondavi's autobiography truly inspires me.  As I've prepared myself to write this column, I've been even more conscious of how