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2020/9.1, September 2 — European Influence, Veneer Details, Artful Waterfalls and more
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2020/9.1, September 2 — European Influence, Veneer Details, Artful Waterfalls and more


September 2, 2020


Design and Desire
Working with an ample budget, great clients and a large, open canvas all spelled ‘opportunity’ forJason Brownlee— a chance to integrate multiple design elements into a composition in which water, stone, tile and fire define a European look that also offers a dash of mystery.[more]

Detail: A201
This time,Dave Petersonshares a simple, reliable way to extend stone veneer from the deck surface all the way down into the pool’s interior. It’s a great way, he suggests, to create a transition from dry to wet surfaces that is durable, graceful — and visually seamless.[more]

Art of the Waterfall

No matter whether it’s a pond, stream or swimming pool, waterfalls are an appealing part of the composition — which is whyLarry Carnesincludes them in most of his projects. Here, he shares some approaches to making these features both naturalistic and completely mesmerizing. [more]


Liquid Glass
The relationship between glass and water can be a powerful one, saysJohn Gilbert Luebtow, a modernist sculptor who uses water to spectacular effect in some of his work. Here, he explores the nature of that relationship while describing three major projects in which the ‘visual dance’ between water and glass is expressed in multi-dimensional shapes and sweeping, organic lines.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin January 2001, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Botched Plaster Bonding
For more than three decades, concerns about plaster have beset the pool industry with a variety of contentious questions and pointed debates. If there’s one thing almost everyone agrees on, however, it’s that there’s a need for a reliable interface between concrete and plaster.[more]


Imagination in Demand

As the weird summer of 2020 strectches toward the fall, watershapers continue to report unprecedented sales activity. Perhaps that sweltering demand justifies charging design fees, suggestsEric Herman— and maybe kicking them up a notch or two as demand meets supply. [more]


Long Live
the Sundlaugs
Despite its position just a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle, the smallisland nation of Iceland arguably leads the world in its passion for public swimming pools.Eric Hermanfinds this Icelandic embrace of the aquatic lifestyle both amazing and inspiring — and ample motivation for a bit of vocabulary expansion. [more]


Now You See It:Chinese architects create a mixed-use property that uses water in clever vignettes. [more]
Geometry, light and water can be a magical combination.
Legacy of a Master:One of the 20th Century’s most influential artists had a real flair for using water.[more]
Mr. Halprin made his own rules while redefining design.

Living with
This year’s fire season has once again wrought widespread destruction across several western states. For many, however, it’s much more than a story on the news but a life-altering tragedy.
One of those who suffered as a result of one such cataclysm is our own, blue-mindedWallace J Nichols, who lost his home in a firestorm that has consumed thousands of acres of forested land near Santa Cruz, Calif. To appreciate the way he’s evaluating and handling the situation,clickhere.

Pentair Premieres an LED Bubbler
Pentair Pool & Spa Equipment(Sanford, NC) has released the ColorVision Bubbler, a combination of ColorVision Niche and Pentair GloBrite LED lights that produces vivid fountain-like water movement. The low-voltage system requires minimal water flow and brings a colorful, energy-efficient element to pools, ponds, fountains and more. For details, clickhere.
Hudson Aquatic Offers Treadmill Systems
Hudson Aquatic(Angola, IN) makes the AquaGaiter, a drop-in underwater treadmill designed to upgrade any facility or backyard with all the benefits of rehabilitation, aquatic conditioning or general exercise as part of a wellness program. The units feature variable-speed adjustments and are available with heavy-duty and high-speed options. For details, clickhere.

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