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2019/7.2, July 24 — Digital Delights from the WaterShapes Archives — and more
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2019/7.2, July 24 — Digital Delights from the WaterShapes Archives — and more


July 24, 2019

FEATURE ARTICLE/August 20, 2014
Add a Spa, Save a Home

It didn’t take long forPaolo Benedettito notice that his prospective client’s house was giving way on a slowly collapsing hill. Armed with a fresh soils report, he designed a spa and stone deck that halted the slope’s creeping — and eased the homeowner’s worries as well. [more]

VIDEO GALLERY/December 19, 2012

Koi Pond, Revisited

He’s often called in to renovate and expand his clients’ existing ponds, notesMike Gannon. Here’s a look at one such project along with some tips on how to accommodate the displaced fish — in this case, a collection of prized koi — for the duration of the three-day endeavor. [more]

FEATURE ARTICLE/August 5, 2015

Iridescent Perfection
When the goal is glass-tiled perfection, saysJimmy Reed, there’s no substitute for the hard work that goes into ideal surface preparation. And that’s especially true when, as in the case highlighted here, the project involves resurfacing an old, deep pool and its odd set of coves. [more]

ESSENTIAL/August 6, 2014

Private Paradise, Revisited

It’s not often that a designer gets to return to a past pool project and update it for new owners. But that was the opportunityRaymond Jungleswas offered with this property — a Mid-Century Modern showplace in the Florida Keys.

This article, originally published in the WaterShapes newsletter in 2014, is fully digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Burying Masterpieces
With watershapes, observesJim Wilder, the beauty often often runs much more than skin deep. To illustrate, he discusses twin works of the plumber’s art — with, by his calculation, more than 750 glue joints each — that he knew would ultimately be hidden within tons of concrete.[more]


On Water and Being Human

For this special edition of WaterShapes highlighting great web-only articles, an on-the-mendJim McCloskeyturns his blog over toDave Garton, who nearly a decade ago did a fantastic jobof defining the value of watershaping as an activity of value to its clients — and society, too.[more]

Grin and Bear It Dept.: Intrepid ursines bravely take to the waters in this backyard swimming pool.

The bears are cool, but the pool design is truly dated.
Laps of Luxury Dept., Part 2:New York developers are using cool indoor pools to close high-ticket deals. [more]
But can 75-foot lap pools make itsy-bitsy studios palatable?

Doing Our Best, Sustainably
On his job sites, wroteBruce Zaretskyfive years back, he’s always on the lookout for ways he can be a responsible steward of the planet and has built recycling, local sourcing and much more into his routines.[more]


CMP Adds High-Flow UV Sterilizer
CMP(Newnan, GA) has launched UV-C 50, a high-flow ultraviolet sterilizer designed for easy installation, reliability and simple serviceability on swimming pools containing up to 50,000 gallons. The unit prevents micro-organism growth, breaks down chloramines, reduces chemical use, optimizes water clarity and creates no chemical by-products. For details, clickhere.
Hydropavers Introduces Permeable Decking
Hydropavers(Pickering, Ontario, Canada) manufactures a permeable paving system that transforms deck areas into storm drains by absorbing all the water in a quarter-inch rain event, then allowing additional rainwater to flow through the pavers into a prepared base, filtering out particulates and reducing puddling. Comes in nine colors and five sizes. For details, clickhere.


Playing the
Long Game
For years now, conventional wisdom has told us that the decision to purchase a watershape of any kind is a process that takes several years from initial idea to actual commitment.
That’s why theWaterShapes Professional Networkis so important: It gives homeowners and decision-makers an easy way to begin their research and an anonymous, private means of gathering information before they reach out and make contact with professionals whose work they admire. Clickhereto check it out — and get ready for your future!
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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