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2018/3.1, March 7 — Working for Heroes, Poolside Spaces, Safe-Water Quest and more
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2018/3.1, March 7 — Working for Heroes, Poolside Spaces, Safe-Water Quest and more

March 7, 2018


Monumental Pride

Working on major projects is always good for company morale, notesDenise Housler. But in this case, the fact that it was a monument meant to commemorate veterans from their own county kicked both their emotions and their desire to nail the details up by several notches. [more]

#29: Cabana
Important choices must be made with smaller lot sizes. AsMike Farleypoints out in his introduction to this video, thatusually means editing things down to balance client desires with the known dynamics of outdoor spaces and factors related to utility, appearance and access.[more]


Pursuing Toxin-Free Water
For years,John Cohenhas dedicated himself to meeting the needs of clients averse to using traditional sanitizers. As he reports in this compilation of three recent articles — gathered together here for your forwarding convenience — his quest is all about mirroring natural systems. [more]


A Crystal-Clear Mandate

As ponds and lakes become more common amenities for large estates and commercial properties, saysGeorge Forni, increasing numbers of clients are demanding water quality more akin to that of swimming pools than to natural bodies of water — and very often, he adds, they want cleanliness and clarity to be attained without any chemicals. Here, he shows how this can be accomplished, in this case in a system of large ponds on a 100-acre estate.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin March 2005, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


The Soul of the River

The tale of a river is often told by the life within it, observesHal Hagen.Here, he explains his unique approach to restoring these waterways, discussing the Williams Fork River in such a way that anyone traveling in the area might feel obliged to stop by to see how it’s doing! [more]


Pure Persuasion

Unusual requests from several readers interested in John Cohen’s articles on his pursuit of toxin-free pool/spa water ledJim McCloskeyto republish the three brief articles as one large one in this edition of the WaterShapes newsletter — and notice a cool coincidence along the way. [more]

Never Do This Dept.:Slow-motion camera specialists stage a high-elevation belly flop for science’s sake.[more]

These guys are funny, but this is truly painful to watch.
Photo Follies Dept.:Photographer creates a disquieting poolside illusion to delight fans of special effects.[more]
It’s easy to tell what’s going on here — or so it seems?


The Architect Connection

Observing that watershaping was on its way to becoming an independent design discipline back in March 2008, architectGreg Danskinoffered watershapers his insights on the unique world they were joining. [more]

Aquamatic Offers Lift Lids for Automatic Covers

Aquamatic(Gilroy, CA) manufactures the Lift Lid, an engineered system that rises to accept a retracting cover, then slowly drops to form a fixed, walkable surface. Ideal for use at pool access points, the system comes to rest on a lowered bond beam, hiding the leading edge bar of the cover and blocking almost all water from entering the cover recess. For details, clickhere.
CMP Debuts Curving LED Waterfall

CMP(Newnan, GA) has introduced Brilliant Wonders LED Waterfall 2, an illuminated waterfall system that allows for custom-cutting and use on curving walls. The cutting can be done at the factory or in the field, and the system features a sawtooth-embedded lip for interesting flow in addition to easy LED service via a front-side panel. For details, clickhere.


Working on

If you design and/or build pools, spas, fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls and other forms of contained, controlled water, you have likely demonstrated an ability to create projects of great beauty. But how do you spread the word about your skills and talents to those who might want you to help them make water part of their daily lives?

TheWaterShapes Professional Networkcan help you there. We’vebuilt a web site where dozens of designers and builders of watershapes of all types participate as an Internet collective — a grouped entity large enough and interrelated in ways that make search engines treat you with respect. So if it’s a strong (or even just a stronger) web presence you’re after, please do take a look and get involved.
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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