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2016/8.2, August 24 — Dream Clients, Aquaponic Options, San Francisco Treat and more
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2016/8.2, August 24 — Dream Clients, Aquaponic Options, San Francisco Treat and more

August 24, 2016

Shared Vision

Faced with a small site but encouraged by clients who gladly accepted his initial design proposal as presented, Tanr Ross applied all of his skills in creating a backyard environment that combines great entertainment spaces with family fun — no change orders required! [more]


Think Food

Pond professionals have a unique opportunity to put food on their clients’ tables, writes James Rakocy. All it takes is opening up the design process to a discipline called ‘aquaponics,’ which puts fish to work in encouraging the growth of a range of water-loving edible plants. [more]


Communing with Ruth

For a time, Ruth Asawa’s ‘San Francisco Fountain’ was at risk of demolition. But as Jim McCloskey reports, it’s intricately sculpted basin has been saved from the wrecking ball and is well worth a lengthy, wide-eyed visit the next time you visit the City by the Bay. [more]


Safe Havens

While focusing on naturalistic watershapes and finely crafted garden spaces, northern California’s Rick Driemeyer has developed an unusual specialty in creating environments that are safe and nurturing for a variety of animal species. This wrinkle, he says, allows him to explore his passion for nature, but it also informs his plant choices, determines the configurations of his watershapes and necessitates unusually close interaction with clients.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in July 2009, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


French Drains the Right Way

What happens when French drains are installed improperly? It’s not good, observes Scott Cohen, with consequences that can range from the cosmetic to the structural. That’s more than enough reason to get it right using the simple, effective approach outlined here. [more]


Rockin’ in Rio

As has been true as long as he can remember, writes Jim McCloskey, coverage of the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro riveted his attention — all the more so because of how many of the best stories had to do with what was happening in Rio’s aquatic venues. [more]


Olympics Wrap-Up Dept.: Video recalls a time when synchronized swimming wasn’t what it is today. [more]

Looking in on a beautiful pursuit’s humble beginnings.

Piling It On Dept.: Back in the ’80s, synchronized swimming was the butt of an inspired SNL skit. [more]

Given the primitive item above, the mockery was justified.


Taking Care

Back in July/August 2011,
Brian Van Bower used his Aqua Culture column to address an important commitment he thought all watershapers needed to make for their clients — and themselves. [more]

Custom Molded Products Offers Flush-Fitting LEDs

Custom Molded Products (Tyrone, GA) now has a flush-fitting model of its Brilliant Wonders LED lights for nicheless installation in concrete pools. Available in white or clear models, the flangeless, easy-to-install, 1.5-inch units create seamless, minimalist looks and are ideal for illuminating entire watershapes as well as steps, swim-outs and spillways. For details, click here.

Aquamatic Releases ArtPoolCover Catalog

Aquamatic Cover Systems (Gilroy, CA) has mounted a catalog showing pool-cover designs available through its partnership with ArtPoolCover, a specialist in vinyl imprinting. The 21-page, full-color digital catalog features animal skins, flags, cars, floral designs, leaves, textiles and numerous playful options. Custom images can be created as well. For details, click here.


Helping Consumers
Begin Their Quests
When homeowners or facility managers start looking for watershapers to help them realize their ambitions and dreams, where do they start? Some are fortunate enough to have business contacts or friends who can refer them to reliable professionals. But these days, many start their searching on the Internet — a great but indiscriminate resource filled with blind alleys, dead ends and sometimes unreliable information.
That’s where the WaterShapes Professional Network comes in: offering a credible, unified web presence in which numerous watershapers are able to convey uniformly formatted, comparable information in an easily navigated template, WPN gives consumers initial access to the marketplace in an easygoing environment that guides them comfortably and confidently through the earliest stages of a significant purchasing decision.
The Network is working just the way we’d hoped: Time to click aboard?

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