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2016/12.2, December 21 — Outdoor Detailing, Froggy Time, Fountain Foibles and more
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2016/12.2, December 21 — Outdoor Detailing, Froggy Time, Fountain Foibles and more

December 21, 2016

Indoors Out

When Ian McGregor approaches a backyard project, he does all he can to embrace the entire environment. In doing so for this project, he created connections between existing indoor spaces and new outdoor rooms that echo familiar functions while injecting dashes of fun. [more]


Frog Factors

If frogs show up in a pond, writes Mike Gannon, it’s a sure sign that the water is healthy. But it also means some extra chores for the pondkeeper — including a need to massage a few details to persuade these finicky amphibian guests to stick around for a while. [more]


A Quizzical Space

He’d probably never have found it while walking at street level, but the view from Jim McCloskey‘s hotel room in New Orleans included a strange-looking park space that led him to investigate and discover the history of a controversial post-modern fountain. [more]


Color Keys

Even though color is literally everywhere, most people know surprisingly little about it. That’s a knowledge gap designers in particular should overcome, says artist, colorist and teacher Judith Corona, who adds that understanding the nature of color, how it influences moods and emotions and how a color wheel works are all useful when it comes to making valuable recommendations to clients about their watershapes and landscapes.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in August 2006, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


The Mysterious Leaking Fountain

Here, Scott Cohen relates the case of a fountain that continued to leak sporadically despite repeated attempts to fix it — a crazy process in which he tried the same thing time and again, hoping for a different result. Read on to learn what the problem was and how he fixed it. [more]


Stocking Stuffers

Santa Claus came early for Jim McCloskey this year, placing good news about learn-to-swim programs in what had to that point been his empty stocking and helping him see a much clearer path to watershaping’s future — one lined with far greater hope. [more]


Class Act Dept.: A Tennessee family contributes the contents of its big pond to help fight raging fires. [more]
Better still, the local water utility will chip in on the refill.

Necessity’s Child Dept.: Tokyo’s code restrictions lead an architect to turn the entire second floor into a pool. [more]

It may look like an aquarium — but what a daring solution!


That’s Just Wrong

Back in 2006, Stephanie Rose vented in her Natural Companions column about some boneheaded landscaping decisions she’d seen — and suggested a forthright approach to preventing them. [more]

Mexican Thatch from Backyard X-Scapes

Backyard X-Scapes (San Diego, CA) supplies Mexican thatch for use in creating tiki bars, gazebos, umbrellas and more. The material, which is made up of woven palm leaves, comes as panels, runner rolls and top cones that are easy to install and durable enough for long-term outdoor use. The surface also sheds water, making it an ideal roofing material. For details, click here.

In-Pool Chaises from Ledge Lounger

Ledge Lounger (Houston, TX) offers in-pool chaises to provide contoured, comfortable places to relax on shallow-water ledges within both commercial and residential swimming pools. Made from durable, color-stabilized material, the contoured seats are made for ledges up to nine inches deep; resist chemicals and weather; and are available in 11 colors. For details, click here.


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