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WU Offers Essentials in SLC
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WU Offers Essentials in SLC

Following a relatively quiet summer, Watershape University is stepping into fall with two “essential” class offerings in October, followed by a dynamic slate of long and short course presentations in November at the International Pool | Spa | Patio & Deck EXPO in Las Vegas.

The Wolfpack is on the move again with a fall schedule that promises to provide a solid educational foundation for professionals aiming for the top, both as watershape artists and business leaders.

First up is D1111: Essential Perspective Drawing being offered in Salt Lake City on October 2, held in conjunction with Master Pool Guild’s autumn gathering.  Students need not be MPG members to attend.

This outstanding blended-format course helps student communicate visually with clients and with crews on the jobsite, using the dynamic art and craft of perspective drawing.

Instructor Mike Nantz, IWI, has videoed four hours of content introducing students to the course background, instruments and techniques of perspective drawing. Students will have access to the recording when they sign up for the eight-hour class. The advance viewing will free up precious class time to move beyond single and dual perspective drawing, and onto job-site sketching and plan reading. 

Learning Outcomes

  • List basic perspective drawing and presentation skills.
  • Define visual attributes including plan views, elevations, sections, detailing and lettering.
  • Explore linear perspectives through one- and two-point techniques used to create visual depth in two dimensions.
  • Describe the scope of work, design, material selection, structural engineering, mechanical systems, construction considerations and project management. Identify common drawing flaws and errors in perspective.

The next day, October 3, at the same MPG event, WU switches to a pure business focus with B1611 Essential Business Administration. Instructors Julie Kazdin and Chris Volk, IWI, both from multi-generational businesses, will cover topics that are critical to every organization. The manual alone is worth the price of admission, according to those who have taken the course in the past.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key facets of running a business, including general and administrative issues, information technology, legal concerns, marketing, advertising and sales.
  • Describe contracts, insurance, liability and how to deal with difficult clients.
  • Explore how to establish a healthy company culture, hiring practices and employee retention.
  • Develop strategies for growth involving marketing and sales, customer relations through design and construction and seamless hand-offs to ensure positive referrals.

For more details and registration, for these and other WU’s slate of IPSP Expo courses, which we’ll detail in upcoming releases, go to

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