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Test Your Knowledge #22

Test Your Knowledge logoWhat Pool Device Did Jandy Industries'
Founder Andrew Pansini Invent in 1957?  

Many water-related stories have been in the news in the past several weeks — including reports connected to the four questions below.


1. Andrew Pansini, founder of Jandy Industries, died recently at the age of 93. He started Jandy in 1958; the year before, he invented an important device for swimming pools. What was it? 

a. Automatic pool cover                             c. Automatic pool cleaner
b. Automatic pool pump                              d. Automatic pool filter

2. Due to a devastating drought, one Texas city is imposing water usage restrictions beginning Dec. 12 — with even more-stringent restrictions possibly to go into effect by this coming summer. Which city is it?

a. Dallas           b. San Antonio           c. Houston          d. El Paso

3. Five-time Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Ian Thorpe — who is attempting to make a comeback after a five-year hiatus — gave a disappointing performance in the 100-meter butterfly at the recent World Cup meet in Tokyo. Still, he hopes to qualify for next year’s Olympics in London. What country is Thorpe from?

a. New Zealand         b. Australia         c. Canada         d. USA

4. There is considerable evidence that competitive swimmers are having much longer careers than they once did. Now, swimmers who were in their teens and early twenties when they competed in their first Olympic Games are returning to participate in multiple subsequent Olympics. What is the most plausible explanation?

a. Just a coincidence related to specific individuals
b. Better injury prevention and treatment
c. A dearth of young, talented swimmers
d. Use of improved performance-enhancing drugs 

To find out how many you got right, see below.




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The correct answers are:

1. c. automatic pool cleaner.  To learn more, click here.

2. a. Dallas.  To learn more, click here.

3. b. Australia.  To learn more, click here.

4. b. Better injury prevention and treatment.  To learn more, click here. If you guessed “use of improved performance-enhancing drugs,” you obviously are from outer space and just now arrived on our planet. Welcome to Earth!

How did you do? Be sure to keep up on the latest water-related news, because another installment of “Test Your Knowledge” will be coming in the next WaterShapes EXTRA!


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