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Test Your Knowledge #39
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Test Your Knowledge #39

Swimming Lake Michigan
To Raise Public Awareness
Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the three questions below.
1. A married couple recently attempted — unsuccessfully — to swim across Lake Michigan to raise public awareness about what condition?
a. Autism b. Schizophrenia c. Postpartum depression d. Bipolar disorder
2. A 25-year-old British man was arrested for peering over the toilet cubicles of a Leeds sports center to watch an Olympic women’s swimming team change clothing for a training session. (As of this writing, the convicted Peeping Tom is awaiting sentencing.) What country was the team from?
a. India b. China c. The Netherlands d. Peru
3. Tragically, two more children have died from Naegleria fowleri after they went swimming in Lily Lake in Stillwater, Minnesota. What is the common name for Naegleria fowleri?
a. Parasitic reed worms b. Invasive water flies c. Lung-eating bacteria d. Brain-eating amoeba.
To find out how many you got right, scroll down.


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The correct answers are:

1. c. Postpartum depression. To learn more, click here.

2. b. China. To learn more, click here.

3. d. Brain-eating amoeba. To learn more, click here.

How did you do? Be sure to keep up on the latest water-related news, because another installment of “Test Your Knowledge” will be coming in the next WaterShapes EXTRA!

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