visual dance

Liquid Glass
As a designer and artist, I believe that water and glass walk hand in hand:  Both are transparent and translucent.  They distort and reflect surrounding colors and forms.  And depending upon whom you ask, water and glass are both liquids. The visual and physical resonance between these two fascinating materials is important to me:  I know that their interplay adds an entirely different dimension to my work that enhances the effects I can achieve using glass, metal and ceramics, so I'm always eager to explore artistic solutions when my customers want the project to include water. In this article, I'll examine three of my projects that use water to accentuate and reflect the sculpture while providing the soothing sounds that create an overall feeling of peacefulness in the surrounding space.  But first, a bit more about what I do - and how I do it. AHEAD OF THE GLASS As with many forms of sculpture, working with glass requires technical know-how and, like many modern artists, I have acquired a background in construction and fabrication techniques. Back in school my