Landscapes Go Green
Today’s consumers are more environmentally savvy than ever before, so it’s good that there are plenty of like-minded landscape designers and watershapers out there – “green-oriented” professionals who are more than interested in working with homeowners to create outdoor environments that are
A Sense of Privacy
A good friend of mine once told me that his idea of the perfect yard was one where he could walk around naked - and none of his neighbors would be able to see him.  What a concept! Unfortunately, few of us can afford a yard so large that we could not be seen by neighbors under any circumstances.  So what can you do to create that perfect private environment? As we'll see here, you have a lot of choices. DISCOVERING PREFERENCES Many people go all the way in creating privacy by building structures that make them feel safe and enclosed.  Others prefer a less claustrophobic approach, such as soft plantings.  Either way, and particularly when you are dealing with watershapes where your clients may want to enjoy communing with nature in the buff, creating some type of barrier against neighbors' intruding eyes is essential. Your clients' preferences may