total dissolved solids

Finding Balance
Decades ago, people in the pool industry started becoming aware that there was more to pool maintenance than just adding sanitizers to the water (to kill algae and bacteria) and filtering it (to help keep it crystal clear).  Gradually, we learned that even properly sanitized and filtered pool water could become unbalanced.   Further, we figured out that unbalanced water could be either scale-forming, in which case a layer of
2011/3.1, March 16 — Water Chemistry, Lava Rocks, Elephants’ Rumps and more
March 16, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM FEATURE ARTICLE Inside Total Dissolved Solids According to pool-industry veteran Kim…
Inside Total Dissolved Solids
Just how much do swimming pool chemicals add to the total dissolved solids (TDS) content of the water? Do all chemicals of equal amounts (by weight) add identical amounts of TDS to swimming pool water? These are important questions, because elevated TDS levels can