Terry-Ann Spitzer Gibson

Exercising Sense
If there's one thing we all know without any question, it's that nobody is getting any younger.  In fact, if you read any of the demographic information available these days about the "graying" of the Baby Boom generation, it's clear that our entire country is becoming older en masse. During the past year, I've experienced for myself what this means to us in the watershaping trades in the form of a dramatic uptick in the number of clients, most of them elderly, who have approached our firm looking for swimming pools primarily for the purpose of aquatic aerobics and other forms of water exercise.   For the most part, these prospects and clients have made it clear they would not otherwise be interested in purchasing a pool:  They need it, they say, to pursue therapy for a range of physical conditions and ailments. With that trend in mind (and anticipating the needs of my own aging frame as well), I decided to