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2020/3.2, March 18 — Alpine Horseplay, Mirror Magic, 9/11 Memories and more
Looping Petals
Everything I write about in these Travelogues is a personal experience, but this one in particular hits very close to home. I heard a lot about this sculpture, known now as "Heliconia Loop," for months as it was being created, following along avidly as the deadline for
Brilliant Reflections
It's been many, many years since I visited Bordeaux - and when I did get there back in the 1970s, I had yet to develop my appreciation for the French region's wonderful wines. As a result, I was the swiftest of sightseers out on a day trip, and one of the few things I recall with any strength of memory was the Bourse, a set of grand riverfront structures that now serve as the region's central commercial exchange. Under construction from 1730 to 1775, the complex was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, probably most renowned for his work on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. He was an ardent exponent of neoclassical symmetry and certainly didn't ease off his preferences in this case. When I saw it in 1978, I was impressed by its balanced grandeur and spectacular level of detail. here. To see his own gallery of images of the Miroir d'Eau, click here.
2016/8.1, August 10 — Turf Perimeters, Faraway Fountains, Pond Q & A and more
An Exotic Oasis
When it comes to ostentatious and even audacious aquatic displays, there's no doubt that the Middle East now boasts some of the world's most incredible watershapes.  Even a quick survey reveals a tremendous range of architectural and hydrological marvels in which technology is paired with grandeur to stunning effect. Several instances of this exuberance appear on
Eyes on the Skies
Among the wonderful benefits of working in the custom watershaping business is that you never really know what sort of projects will wander into view. Through the years, we at Live Water Creations of Santa Rosa, Calif., have certainly participated in developing and executing some unusual designs, but I can honestly say that working on one that included a huge, beautiful steel pyramid topped by a deep-space telescope was something that
2012/8.1, August 8 — Stellar Reflecting Pool, Pond Tips, Japanese Inspiration and more
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Historic Reflections
I’ve spent a lot of time in Washington, D.C., through the years. I was born there in the 1950s, my favorite aunt lived there in the ’60s, one of my brothers lived there through part of the ’70s, business took me to the area frequently in the ’80s and ’90s, and one of my sisters
2012/3.2, March 21 — Mark Holden on ART, Working with Stone, Water on Capitol Mall and more
March 21, 2012 WATERSHAPES.COM INTERVIEW It’s All About ART Seizing an opportunity to raise the…
Straight and Narrow
With watershapes, sometimes the most straightforward forms work out best.  That was definitely the case with this project, a swimming pool I designed and built for a beach club near my home in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The club is part of an overall resort property known as Reserva Conchal, an utterly spectacular spread covering 2,500 acres on scenic Playa Conchal on our country’s north Pacific coast. I first became involved with the resort’s owners about ten years ago, when they were completing their first phase and I helped them solve some problems with a pool that had been built by another firm.  Since then, as the owners’ master plan has gradually unfolded, I’ve worked with them on a number of pools in various spots around the huge property, including watershapes for various condominiums and other facilities. My involvement with their newly constructed club has been, by far, the most