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Super Vision
'It's a fact of life,' declared David Tisherman in opening his Details column 15 years ago this month:  'The best design feature in the world isn't worth anything if it isn't executed properly.  And no matter how good your in-house staff or subcontractors are, they need guidance when it comes to the nuts-and-bolts work of getting the job done the way its designer intends.'   '[W]hen you have good, tight supervision provided by a knowledgeable overseer working with good crews and a good set of plans, anything
Atlas Copco Launches Intelligent Compaction System
Atlas Copco (Commerce City, CO) now offers an intelligent, easy-to-use compaction-monitoring system that gives contractors…
10 Years Ago: Why Proper Supervision Is Essential
In April 2001, as part of his “Details” column in WaterShapes, David Tisherman argued forcefully for constant, competent on-site supervision of watershaping projects. In his article, entitled “Super Vision,” he noted, “Call it quality control, attention to detail or perfectionism: There’s no