2011/12.1, December 7 — Designer Identity, Backyard Design, Getty Center and more
December 7, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM FEATURE ARTICLE What Is a Designer? Lots of watershapers market themselves…
What Is a Designer?
When people talk about pools these days and have something ambitious in mind, many of the conversations focus on vanishing edges, perimeter overflows, infinity edges, knife edges, wet decks, disappearing edges and whatever other terms one might use in describing water-in-transit effects. In lots of these cases, if not most, these discussions are misdirected: Just because
The Educational Imperative
It's great that more and more people in the watershaping business are interested in becoming custom designers.  The way I see it, the future of the industry rests in the hands of those who strive for creativity and excellence in their work. Unfortunately, however, there are those out there who are brash enough to declare themselves "designers" without any sort of credentials to back up the claim - that is, without having done what it truly takes to