pushing the envelope

The Idea Factory
I’m constantly amazed by innovation:  Just when you think a device or system or technology has reached its limits, something comes along to advance things a notch or two and the whole cycle begins again. And the most interesting thing is that innovation often comes without truly being driven by need.  Take telecommunications as an example:  We were all getting along pretty well with land-based telephones when
Paying the Front-Runner’s Fee
I've always been excited by innovation.  I place creativity high on my list of aspirations and priorities in my own business, and I think my life gets most interesting when I'm involved with people who are similarly attuned to this desire to do and try new and interesting things.   Fortunately, I've had the benefit of associating with highly innovative people through the years who've shared the creative process with me, taught me a lot and made the ride extremely enjoyable - and fruitful.  These experiences have filled me with a desire to be out front myself with innovative and creative ideas. I often wonder where we would all be if some of us weren't willing to