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Wabash Cannonballs
With the effects of the Great Depression still rocking the economy in the mid-1930s, the Works Progress Administration became a major employer and creative force that put many still-treasured public facilities on the map. In fact, there are few cities in the country that don't boast a park, bridge, post office or some other public structure built by some of the millions of laborers who found work through the WPA. In 1937, Vincennes, Ind., was a particularly fortunate beneficiary of WPA's prowess in the form of the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Center - one of the most innovative and distinctive of all such facilities built up to that time. The goals were two: to provide jobs for the unemployed and to address an alarming increase in
Ripples #88
Compiled and written by Lenny Giteck Two New Brouhahas About Proper Swimming Attire in Public Pools 
Ripples #52
Compiled and Written by Lenny Giteck   Lady Gaga and Armenian Bigwig  Close Hotel Pools for Romance    British tabloid Web site reports that while Lady Gaga was in Stockholm recently to perform in the Swedish capital, her boyfriend Taylor Kinney showed up unexpectedly 
Splash Factors
When today's kids show up at a municipal swimming pool for a day of fun and excitement, they're not looking to swim laps. To be sure, the standard for what can be called "aquatic fun" has been set pretty high in recent years by huge water theme parks, with their wave pools and whitewater rides and huge, twisting, open-flume slides.  Nowadays, older "flat-water pools" just can't compete for summertime attention among active, thrill-seeking children - except in one arena. Indeed, the availability these days of