Prince Harry

Ripples #105
An Encore Presentation of the Top 10 Ripples Items of All Time  
Ripples #65
Compiled and Written by Lenny Giteck   Penn. High Schools Schedule Swim Meet in Fracking Liquid
Ripples #34
Ripples is compiled and written by Lenny Giteck .The Top 10 Ripples Stories of 2011 Given that approximately 125 items appeared in Ripples in 2011, choosing the top 10 is no easy task. Obviously, this is a matter of personal taste…in which case, legendary (in his own mind) Ripples expert Lenny Giteck gets to pick. And the winners are…
Test Your Knowledge #19
U.S. Retailer Loses Pool Slide Case:  Mass. Jury Awards Man $20.6 Million
Ripples #27
  Compiled and Written by Lenny Giteck   Partying Prince Harry Jumps (or Falls)  Into Nightclub Pool Fully Clothed   You remember Prince Harry — the other one. The younger brother who developed quite a reputation as a wild party animal, whose judgment was not always up to British royal snuff. One episode that comes to mind: the time he dressed as a