A Fuller Experience
I'd hazard the guess that most experienced pool designers and builders have run into this scenario:  The clients want a pool, and they also want a spa - but not just any spa will do. Through the years, these clients have been in the attached spas of friends' inground concrete pools, but this is not what they want.  That's because they've also experienced portable spas and prefer their performance:  superior jet action, diverse seating arrays and options, more features and
Fountains Unique Offers Metro Water Bowls
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Precision on Deck
The consumer's appetite for beautiful water and creative watershape design has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years - and expectations, it seems, are rising right along with the hunger for exceptional details and impressions.   Perimeter-overflow pools and basins are what an increasing number of consumers are after these days, and there's special interest in what are called "wet-edge applications," where the water rises to deck level and flows into a channel slot at the back edge of the coping.  It's an amazing look - and harder to