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Adjustable LED Fixtures from AquaStar
AquaStar Pool Products (Ventura, CA) offers LED pool fixtures in which the angle of the…
Whimsical by Nature
Many of the projects I tackle are largely about beauty and elegance and striking just the right balances between my watershaping and the setting, the architecture of the home and the character of my clients.   In the case of the project depicted here, however, a couple of other considerations jumped into the mix - including impulses for fun and excitement as well as an overriding need to raise the visual energy level to align with the clients' personalities and a glorious setting.  The result is an exquisitely adorned watershape that stands as one of the purest expressions of whimsy and unbridled joy I've ever produced. Truly, it all flowed from the clients and the setting.  The clients are quite educated, well-traveled and sophisticated and had both the resources and the desire to do something special.  Moreover, they're about as nice a couple as you could ever hope to meet and had refined tastes to match.  As for the setting, we're talking beauty in the extreme:  The home is a modern masterpiece perched atop a bluff in Malibu, Calif., with 180-degree ocean views and spectacular distant vistas.   The only clinker on the property was the existing pool and the surrounding decks - an aggressively plain, kidney-shaped drag surrounded by equally boring decks.  It was time for