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RenoSys Offers RecDeck for Safer Pool Decks
RenoSys (Indianapolis, IN) offers RecDeck PVC flooring, an encapsulating system that waterproofs any deck area…
Customized Fire Pits from Bobé Water & Fire Effects
Bobé Water & Fire Effects (Phoenix, AZ) has launched a line of fully customizable fire…
Making the Shade
I truly enjoy including shade structures in my designs.  Whether I'm working with an overhang, an arbor, a loggia, a pergola or some other structure (and, yes, they are all different), I see them as ways to create visual extensions of a house - and wonderful places to enjoy being next to the water. There is, of course, as much art and skill to designing and installing the right shade structure as there is to setting up all of the other features of a great backyard.  Done well, a structure that projects out from a house will pull your eye from inside to outside while it provides relief from the sun.  Similarly, freestanding shade structures