Paul Chutkow

Reharvesting Joy
It’s amazing for me to learn that this 100th issue of WaterShapes is carrying my 80th “Book Notes” column.  It’s been a wonderful and fascinating experience – and as my wife puts it, has provided a great way to rationalize my literary addiction.   I remember when Eric Herman and I first discussed the idea for this column:  At the time, we both wondered how long it could be sustained.  After the best part of seven years, I think we’re both comfortable with the thought that it’s basically a journey without end. To mark this special occasion, I want to look back at one of the most significant of all the books I’ve ever reviewed – one that isn’t about watershaping, construction, landscape architecture or anything in any way related to our industry.  That book, which I wrote about way back in February 2003, is Harvests of Joy:  How the Good Life Became Great Business by Robert Mondavi (with Paul Chutkow; Harcourt Brace, 1998).   I’d read it based on