A Desert Delight
There are three things I particularly like about this project: The first is that it was a referral through Skip Phillips, a co-founder of Genesis and one of my mentors as I've gained experience as a watershaper. He had worked on a project for the clients in Canada, and they asked if he knew of a good pool company in the Phoenix area. Backed up by our portfolio and reputation, Phillips's recommendation made us the right choice. The second is that the site had so
Artful Opportunities
As is true of many designers, I carry a large number of unusual ideas in the back of my mind, waiting for the right site, the right client and the right project to pull them out and put them to use. Some of these ideas are innovative or even wild and most of them are unconventional - otherwise, they would have found quicker paths to my drawing board. In the project covered in this article, I was lucky enough to break out two of these special ideas - one an unusual transition from the home's upper level down to the poolscape, the other in the form of
Haddonstone Offers Self Circulating Fountains
Haddonstone (Pueblo, CO) manufactures self-circulating fountains and waterfeatures in a range of contemporary styles and…
Room Additions
It's been my good fortune through the years to have worked with some wonderful clients who've inspired me to take the extra step, think in different ways and do everything possible to make them happy. This family was on that level: They love entertaining friends and relations, yet more than anything, the four of them enjoy spending time together - a throwback to the "Leave It to Beaver" spirit of the 1950s and '60s. At every turn, they were easygoing and patient in ways that made
2018/9.1, September 5 — Additive Exercise, Shaping Nature, Relining the Neptune Pool and more
Bobé Releases Line of CorTen Planters
Bobé Water & Fire Features (Phoenix, AZ) has introduced a line of planters made from…
Atlantic Water Gardens Introduces Hardscape Lighting
Atlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) has added hardscape lighting to its Sol line of outdoor…
Grand Effects Introduces Fire Candeleres
Grand Effects (Irvine, CA) has announced the availability of Fire Candeleres for residential and commercial…
Gardenside Offers Collection of Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Furniture
Gardenside (Berkeley, CA) has introduced Nature Corners, an all-weather collection of durable, high-quality indoor/outdoor wicker…
A Pool-Lighting Primer
In far too many cases, lighting in and around backyard swimming pools is an afterthought – and sometimes I get the impression that there’s not much thought involved at all. As I see it, our clients deserve better than an easy, one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s the main reason I developed the brief video presentation linked below:  I wanted to give homeowners a bit of information that would help them understand both the importance of good lighting and get them ready to discuss a variety of available design solutions. As I suggest in the video, the old-style, under-the-diving-board placement of a 500-watt incandescent bulb should never