Fast and Glorious
These last few weeks have been a whirlwind: Unusually frequent texts, emails and phone conversations. Urgent messages to accountants, attorneys, board members and stakeholders. Logistics and practicalities to consider. Contracts to sign. I recall this sort of tumult from 1996, when I founded my company - although with some nostalgia I don't recall
A Different Drum
  This is a story about possibilities pulled within reach by modern technology. It all started early in 2015, when one of us talked with a friend about the benefits of belonging to a group of like-minded professionals who get together a couple times a year to talk shop, exchange ideas and generally build the kind of camaraderie that's hard to develop if all you do is
2016/3.2, March 16 — Three-Headed Ambition, Fountain Rehab, Pond Upgrade and more
Bridging the Design Gap
As a contractor, do you ever wish that you could avoid fussing with clients about design and could instead just get down to the business of building watershapes and getting all the details right?  Do you ever think you're wasting the time you spend on design, because you know your prospects might go with another contractor despite the time you've spent drawing pretty pictures? Not every watershape contractor will answer "yes" to the first question, but I'm sure most of you have at least thought "yes" about the second one.  That's because most contractors I know don't charge for design, at least not directly.  As necessary, you'll hire
Bridging the Gaps
Take a quick look at the area surrounding almost any pool, spa or waterfeature and you're sure to see living proof that plants and man-made bodies of water go hand in hand.  No matter what form the greenery takes - grass, hedges, trees, shrubs, flowers, even cacti - the fact is that plant life is seen virtually everywhere decorative or recreational water is found. For all of this close physical proximity, however, landscape designers and the installers of pools, spas, fountains and other watershapes have generally tended to operate in