A Prime-Time Network
You've all been peppered by my emails in recent weeks, and I'm sorry for that.  But I think that letting you know about the WaterShapes Professional Network is important enough to burden you with a few special messages - including this one. So far, the most frequently asked questions have had to do with
Special Ponds, Special Purpose
We at The Pond Digger Waterscape Design & Construction do a lot of our business locally, and we’ve always found value and satisfaction in giving back to the communities we serve. Back in 2002, we started Ponds for Schools, a curriculum-based program in which we work with administrators, teachers and students to set up “outdoor waterscape classrooms” for use throughout the year.  This enables teachers to expand their lesson plans into the great outdoors, and we’ve heard about
Knowing the Risks
These days, it seems natural for people to be reluctant to take risks.  We are, after all, still feeling the effects of a severe recession, and lots of folks are hunkered down, saving their pennies and waiting for something good to happen. I completely understand this conservative impulse, especially on the business front, but it’s also obvious to me that if we’re going to take the necessary steps to return to more prosperous times, then we as individuals, as an industry and even as a society will at some point need to start
Role Playing
With few exceptions, the most satisfying projects we've undertaken through the years have come when our company has gotten involved with talented architects or landscape architects - and sometimes both - as part of larger project teams. We embrace this sort of work and enjoy taking a role as a resource for other professionals.  Through the years, in fact, these collaborations have developed to a point where many of those we work with will automatically call us whenever one of their projects includes any sort of
Passion Plays
I'm often asked what it takes to write an article for WaterShapes - and, almost as often, why it is that certain voices find their way into print while others don't.  I love to field these questions, because they
In Praise of Vision Casters
The key to progress in most industries is the presence of people who are able to see through to a better tomorrow.  At WaterShapes, we've sought to create a forum for
Bidding on Value
I'd like to bring up an old observation of mine:  In looking at the high-end watershapes that win awards or achieve some sort of public acclaim, it seems to me that the designs are increasingly coming from outside the mainstream pool and spa industry. This is just a strong impression, and I don't have any statistics to back up my case.  But when I look around me and see who's doing the