New Year’s wishes

2010/12.2, December 15 — Santa’s Thoughts on Watershapes, Ripples, Holiday Wishes and more
December 15, 2010 WATERSHAPES.COM SPECIAL INTERVIEW Santa Claus Talks About the Ho-Ho-Ho of Watershapes Imagine…
Reasons to Believe
Although I’ve done it on a couple occasions through the past 11 years, I’ve always had trouble writing columns that welcome a New Year – even when times have been good and there have been reasons aplenty for lavish doses of optimism.  I just don’t like clichés, and they’re amazingly difficult to avoid when you look to the future with
To Better Days!
I imagine that many of you said “good riddance” instead of “farewell” to 2008 – and that almost as many of you might want to skip right over the looming uncertainty of 2009 completely and head directly into 2010. Nobody can jump