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Client Collaborations
One of the most critical moments in the life of any watershaper occurs when he or she meets prospective clients face to face for the first time.  This is when jobs are won or lost - and, more significant, the point at which watershaper and clients begin what can become a long and fruitful relationship. I'll state right up front that I do not approach my initial customer meetings with the idea of walking out with a signed contract and a check.  Instead, I go in trying to do what I can to help clients realize their dream of becoming owners of a quality watershape.  Whether I end up
The Power of Your Mindset
Several years ago, at a time when I was still pretty wet behind the ears, a young, attractive woman invited me to join our local Chamber of Commerce and attend a meeting with her. "Sure," I said.  "I'll give it a shot."  I showed up for the event and met a bunch of banker types, and it seemed like everyone was a vice president of something or other.  I was just starting to get comfortable when the woman who had invited me explained that it was customary for new members to stand up and tell everyone about his or her business. As luck would have it, I didn't go first.  Another guy stood up before me and talked for a few minutes about his carpet-cleaning business - a trade he obviously found to be less than stimulating.  He spoke in a monotone voice and made carpet cleaning sound like, well, carpet cleaning.  Inspired by his lack of enthusiasm, I decided to