National Plasterers Council

20 Years After
To celebrate the 20th annual convention of the National Plasterers Council, Bruce Hughes – the organization’s founding chairman and former president of one of the industry’s largest plastering firms – looks back on NPC’s first years and the difficult process by which a feuding group of strong-willed contractors came together to form an association that has become a force for research, standards and industry progress.   I remember it well:  The National Plasterers Council’s first conference was a compact, one-day event in Los Angeles staged by an association that had only been around for about two years and had to that point been
Seeking Solutions
Back in October 1989, I was on the second day of a new job working with Jim McCloskey for another pool/spa industry magazine when he called me into his office and suggested that I might want to spend my evening at a meeting of the
Beginning with the Finish
Back in August 1989, I experienced my first day in a brand-new job covering pools and spas for one of the industry's trade magazines.  My first assignment:   attend a meeting of