Safely Elegant
An Interview with Alison Terry, Dave Penton & Jimmy Reed by Jim McCloskey The first time I visited this backyard, the pool was complete and beautiful, but there was one discordant detail: Along the far end was a wooden fence that cut off the view. I was there with tile specialist Jimmy Reed, and this wasn't a feature he mentioned. So, being both polite and sufficiently dazzled by the pool, I didn't bring up the sore thumb. The next time I saw the backyard, I immediately figured out that the fence had been a temporary detail: I was there with pool builder Dave Penton, who at the time was
The Perfect Fit
To me, setting natural stone has always seemed something like assembling a very large jigsaw puzzle:  All the pieces have to fit together, and there's definitely a right way and a wrong way to make it happen. I start the process systematically by laying stones out in an adequately large area and then just looking at them.  As I go, I visualize how each will work as part of the overall composition and identify stones with either convex or concave contours that might fit together in some visual way.  I'm constantly asking myself, "If I put this stone here and this other one right next to it, how will it work?  Should I pick another stone and use a different combination?" Nature helps me in coming up with the answers, because