Merry Wise

Minding Maintenance
In my work as a landscape architect and designer/builder of mostly residential swimming pools, I concede that I've never really given much thought to the subject of maintenance. Sure, the watershapes I've designed have proper hydraulic and circulation systems as well as correctly sized filtration systems, the proper number of skimmers and so forth, but beyond that, the specifics of swimming pool care have been beyond my concern.  So I've let the terminology of water chemistry, for example, become a foreign language to me, and I've never known much about things like water testing, pH or sanitizer residuals. Through the years, however, I've come to believe that this is not a situation for a designer/builder in which ignorance is bliss.  This is partly because I now work for a firm that runs a retail store with a service department and I interact with those folks on a regular basis; but it's also because more and more of my design/installation clients are asking me