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The Weirdest Idea Ever?
I was a bit startled to read that the University of Alabama intends to put a waterfall feature in its football team’s locker room. I’m as quick to advise anyone who will listen of the wisdom of being around moving water.  It conditions the air, settles the nerves, eases the spirit, masks the world’s noises and offers at least a dozen additional benefits, so there’s a slippery logic to placing what’s being described as a small cascade in the space. But I have to wonder if
2012/9.1, September 5 — Integrated Views, Pond Fixes, Balboa Park and more
SEPTEMBER 5,  2012 ESSENTIAL Integrated Views A spectacular site is often the foundation for…
A Walk in the Park
By Jim McCloskey A few weeks back, I came across a story on a celebration that ran off the rails in San Diego’s Balboa Park.  In the wee hours of August 12, a party instantly organized on social media lured an estimated 1,500 people to participate in a gigantic water fight.  Unfortunately, the park’s largest open and available source of water to