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Formal Ease
These days, we do most of our work in the hills in and around Newport Beach, Calif.  To describe the area as "affluent" is understating the case:  For years now, even modest homes for sale in the area usually draw seven-figure prices - and the more modest the home, the likelier it is that it will be torn down and replaced with something larger and more elaborate. Through the past few years, we at Pure Water Pools of Costa Mesa, Calif., have been called to many of these built-out properties by homeowners who
#13: Volleyball Plus
Homeowners often come to the watershape-purchasing process with very specific ideas in mind.  Maybe they want a venue exclusively for lap swimming, or a fountain to wash out traffic noise, or a finely finished monument to their refined taste in tile and stone.  That's great, and it's fairly easy to tailor a design to meet these needs. More often, however, clients