koi pond design

Edged in Green
Of all the design trends that have taken hold in watershaping through the past ten years, the one that leads us to work with plenty of slot-edge, perimeter-overflow systems may well be my favorite.   I've done them partway and all the way around pools and spas; I've run them up against all sorts of materials, from poured concrete to incredibly beautiful varieties of stone; and, most of all, I've appreciated the skill that goes into installing them and making these water-in-transit
A Recipe for Jambalaya
Truly a large-scale project full of unique technical challenges in an unusual and important civic setting, the renovation of the watershapes at Jambalaya Park in Gonzalez, La., is easily the most unusual project our firm has ever tackled. The park covers seven beautifully wooded acres in an older section of town that's mostly residential but sits directly behind City Hall and several other smaller civic buildings.  It takes its name from the fact that the city is known as the world's "Jambalaya Capital" and annually hosts a week-long festival celebrating the Cajun stew that has become a star in the