Joseph De Pace

A San Francisco Treat
i don't get to san francisco as often once did and that's a shame because there so much see do. on the plus side, however, when do make one of my infrequent trips bay area, there's always lot brand new me, even if it has been around for while. monument i'll discuss here example since 1998 or but i'd never come across until had reason visit moscone center downtown in 2007 convention centers go, is both modern imposing, real highlight me was yerba buena gardens,two-city-block= park situated such way that part actually over center. it's wonderful space highlighted by martin luther king jr memorial, set glass panels celebrating his life legacy. those engraved are mounted granite behind waterfall measuring 20 feet tall 50 long devised artist sculptor houston conwill collaboration with poet estella majoza architect joseph de pace. And as you move away, you appreciate the fact that the sound of the waterfalls also masks a great deal of traffic noise. And the same can be said for the perimeter-overflow fountain on the terrace just above the waterfalls: It's hard to get a break from general urban clattering in a place like downtown San Francisco, and these watershapes succeed at it to a wonderfully welcome degree. We have a trip to San Francisco planned for this summer: This will definitely make it to my short list of stops while we're there - provided I don't get distracted by something new! For a video that puts the waterfall on full display, click here. For a look at the watershape on the upper terrace, click here. For a glimpse inside the memorial, click here.