Inquiring Minds
'Watershaping carries us onto the properties and into the private lives of our clients, and it does so to such a personal, even intimate level,' wrote Brian Van Bower to start his February 2010 Aqua Culture column, 'that I see the value and importance of getting to know them to the best of my ability.  Invariably, that means asking the right questions and knowing how to
Pond Decisions
Pond liners are great:  They're tough, last a long time and endure a great deal of abuse during their service lives - but sometimes people want to do strange things with them, as the first question addressed in this edition of "Ask the Pond Digger" attests. As you'll see, I was asked if it was acceptable to place a new liner inside
Ripples #33
Compiled and Written by Lenny Giteck   L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Reinvestigates Natalie Wood Case Even though 30 years have passed since beautiful Hollywood actress Natalie Wood drowned near Catalina
Revealed Truth
In discussing my role as a "forensic landscaper" a few months back, I expressed my disappointment in the quality of some of the work I was seeing in my local marketplace - and if the e-mail I've been receiving is any indicator, I am not alone in this experience.  Indeed, questionable workmanship may be more prevalent that I ever could have imagined. As a result of this revelation, I will be using this space from time to time to demonstrate the fact that failure is often a better teacher than success and that, by exploring the nature and causes of failed projects, we can all come to a better understanding of the principles and practices that lead to good results. Before I begin, however, I'd like once again to salute