WaterShapes 2.0
One theme we’ve worked into these pages more often than any other through the past 30 months has to do with the thought that we all need to find ways to respond to the rapidly evolving market conditions in which we find ourselves. You’ve heard that message from our columnists and many of our feature writers:  Across the board, they’ve argued that outlasting the recession – and, more important, coming out on the other side poised for success – is a matter of adapting and actively developing skills that make sense in light of today’s
Ends and Beginnings
If you’ll recall, I used this space last month to say farewell to David Tisherman’s “Details” column.  His departure left us with a significant role to fill – especially given how provocative his column had been through the years. As often happens when a key person departs an organization, we weighed the available options and, not to flatter David overmuch, decided that replacing a voice so singular would best be accomplished by