Unusual Blowback
If you'll recall, last month I noted that one of my personal goals for 2019 was to include more green-oriented articles in these WaterShapes newsletters - and I must say that I've never run into a case where one of my New Year's resolutions kicked up so much dust! Within a few hours, I received
2018/8.2, August 22 — Playing the Angles, Grand Landshaping, Halprin in L.A. and more
Watershaping, Green-Style
Last time, I mentioned the fact that many of my design clients these days are environmentally aware and want to make certain I can help them devise landscapes and hardscape treatments that make sense in eco-friendly ways. To at least the same extent, clients who contact us at The Green Scene (Northridge, Calif.) want us to work with their pool, spa, fountain and pond designs in the same way:  They want us to minimize the
2011/9.2, September 28 — Bidding Processes, Front-Yard Staging, Longwood Gardens and more
September 28, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM FEATURE ARTICLE Leveling the Bidding Field The bidding process is often…
Filling the Energy Gap
Everyone is concerned these days about electricity, gasoline and natural gas and all other forms of energy.  What is amazing is that, despite this surge in interest, very few people have considered ways in which swimming pools can be built to reduce the energy required to heat them - and by substantial amounts. This dearth of energy consciousness has nothing to do with the manufacturers of heating equipment.  It's fair to say that most heater manufacturers - whether they pursue combustion heating with fossil fuel, compression heating with heat pumps or passive heating with radiant solar, absorbent solar panels or solar covers - all have optimized their own products and made them remarkably energy-efficient. The same is true of recirculation systems:  Pumps of all kinds are optimized to very high efficiencies, and the pool and spa industry has made positive improvements in acknowledging the necessities of hydraulic efficiency (although it's fair to say we