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VOCs: A Highly Volatile Issue
There’s no way around the fact that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are nasty stuff. They smell bad, they are highly flammable, they damage the atmosphere and they can be acutely toxic to human and other living beings. At the same time, however,
When New Work Fails
When a problem occurs with a recently installed decorative concrete job, who is responsible? I understand that this is a loaded question and that there are lots of factors to consider, but the question still stands. This spring, while dealing with a rash of
Seeding Concrete Slabs
Traditionally, seeding was simple: It meant scattering pieces of rock into the surface of concrete, where they would give decorative flair to a slab. “Nowadays, seeding has taken on
Testing Concrete for Moisture
When good concrete coatings go bad, moisture is often the culprit. Even cured concrete can emit enough moisture to blister, cloud or delaminate a coating, especially when a slab with