An Illuminating Exercise
Of all the messages I've tried to convey in this video series and its introductory texts, one of the crucial ones is my observation that the people who buy and own ponds will spend lots of time enjoying their watershapes after it gets dark.  The only way to make that happen, of course, is to include an effective in-pond lighting system to make the watershape's best features
Now You See It
Some people seem to believe that designing is all about reinventing the wheel every time they go to work on a new project or need to create a new detail of some kind. Truth is, however, that most great design ideas and details are derivative of things that have been done before.  This is why I'm such a strong advocate for education - especially the sort that involves venturing out into the world and seeing things with your own eyes. You can see pictures of things in books and watch slide shows in classrooms, and that's extremely valuable for the way it opens your eyes to