Columbus Circle

2013/6.2, June 19 — New York’s Finest, Locally Inspired Ponds, Pool-Lighting Strategies and more
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A Cityscape Reborn: Claire Kahn Tuttle’s Platinum Standard Project
In December 2004, WaterShapes introduced ‘The Platinum Standard,’ a registry of projects that embodies watershaping…
The Heart of the City
The plaza island at Columbus Circle in New York is an example of urban and civic design at its best.  Encircling the heart of this grand space is a subtle fountain system that has turned a busy traffic hub into a welcome gathering place for the city’s residents and visitors.  Here, principal designer Claire Kahn Tuttle of WET Design in Sun Valley, Calif., describes the project and the philosophy the company brought to bear in bringing it to fruition.    Tradition has it that, in measuring the distance a place is from New York, the geographical tape measure is placed at the center of Columbus Circle.  This makes it easy to see this southwest corner of Manhattan’s Central Park (and the intersection of Broadway, 59th Street and Eighth Avenue) as the true heart of the city. A massive 70-foot obelisk topped by Gaetano Russo’s statue of Christopher Columbus has stood at the center of the bustling traffic circle since 1892, when it was installed to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the explorer’s arrival in the Americas.  The circle itself was part of Frederick Law Olmsted’s