Safe Lighting Around Pools
There's a common misperception among designers and builders whose projects carry them beyond a pool and spa and out into the landscape:  In large numbers, these professionals believe that low-voltage landscape lighting systems are perfectly safe for use in close proximity to the water. The truth of the matter is that the National Electric Code (NEC) has defined an exclusionary zone of ten feet around pools and spas for these fixtures! That's right:  Even with low-voltage
A Project to Savor
It's easy to talk about watershapes and the creative and business philosophies that drive success, but to borrow a phrase:  The proof is in the pool.  In other words, it's one thing to talk about doing a good job, but it's another to step up and do it. The dynamics of that success are unusually complex when you participate in a project as the member of a team.  As a case in point, I'll return to a semi-public watershape I first mentioned in my March 2006 column:  It's now complete and is one of which I'm particularly proud. Located in Jamaica near Montego Bay at a property known as the Round Hill Hotel & Villas, it was a special sort of commercial project in that, being built outside the United States, it wasn't subject to