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A Mighty Chorus
I've been up on my "river pools" hobby horse for a good while now, which is why I can't believe I missed a great story from the online version of Outside magazine when it appeared on May 19, 2016. Written by Erin Beresini and headlined, "Why Urban Swimming Pools Are Raising Millions on Kickstarter:  Inside the revolution to reclaim
2011/6.1, June 15 — Vanishing Edges, Banpo Bridge Fountain, Portfolios and more
June 15, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM LESSONS LEARNED Vanishing-Edge Pools: Problems and Solutions According to Scott Cohen,…
Keeping It Clean: 21st Century Water Management
By Eric Herman It’s a given: As human beings, we are all utterly dependent on the availability of fresh, clear, potable water for our survival. As a result, the preservation of aquatic resources of all types is an interest in which all people should share. At the same time,
A Precious Resource
It's human nature: We often neglect the quality and profound importance of that which fulfills our most basic needs. At a minimum, we expect breathable (if not clean) air, abundant food, warm beds, companionship, clothing and, especially, clean water. We take these and other "commodities" for granted because they come in abundant supply — so when issues arise, they tend to