Positive Agitation
Jets and sprays are welcome additions to ponds because they look great. But if the designer or installer follows a few key guidelines outlined here by Roy Watkins, the list of benefits will expand to include an overall improvement in water quality and a healthier environment for fish.        
2019/4.2, April 17 — Gem State Fountain, Pond Assistance, San Diego Miscue and more
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Rock-Bottom Value
There was a time when lots of ponds were set up without gravel, notes Ed Beaulieu.  But as he discusses here, there are so many advantages to lining their interiors with rocks of various sizes that it's time to push that old practice out of the pond-making picture, once and for all.  
A Pond in Distress
Whenever we approach a pond design/installation project, we are mindful of the fact that a big part of our mission is to make the result as trouble-free as possible for our clients.  It is never our intention to mess with their good moods, nor is it our practice, if things need adjusting later on, to avoid digging in as deep as may be necessary and finding a once-and-for-all solution to whatever the problem might be. The project on display in this set of four brief videos is living proof that
Think Food
When I look at the average pond, I tend to perceive a range of missed opportunities. I come from the world of aquaponics, where I've spent my career figuring out ways to integrate environments for fish and plants in ways that make both fins and leaves grow like crazy.  For the most part, I work on an industrial scale, designing facilities where huge populations of fish are grown as food and, nearby, huge
Oxygen Rescues
In a well-balanced pond, the oxygen content of the water is seldom an issue.  But if things move off course, notes Mike Gannon, it's essential to find the cause -- and then apply one of three possible remedies tailored to the urgency of the need and the extent of the budget.
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