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TMI Salt Pure Introduces V Series Chlorine Generators
  TMI Salt Pure (Manchester, WA) introduces the V Series of chlorine generators and chemical…
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In 2002, only 15 percent of new pools were installed with saltwater chlorine generators.  Today, the percentage is much higher, with some industry analysts saying that upwards of two-thirds of all new pools are being built with chlorine generators.  Those exact figures may be debatable, but the fact remains that there are now an estimated 1.3 million saltwater pools in the United States. The reasons behind the boom are several, but consumers most consistently say they enjoy the soft, soothing feel of saltwater.  They also appreciate the fact that it’s easier on their eyes, nose and skin compared with traditionally sanitized pools – and that they don’t have to store and handle hazardous chemicals, making maintenance both easier and more convenient.    For all of the well-deserved popularity of this technology, pool designers and builders need to know