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2014/5.1, May 7 — Artful Authenticity, Epic Gardens, Subsurface Horrors and more
May 7, 2014 ESSENTIAL Classic Persuasion More than two years of paying full-time attention…
Balancing Acts
Through the past few years, a number of my most interesting projects have been all about revising outdoor environments for upscale residential clients, generally with the thought in my mind of integrating exterior and interior spaces.  That seems simple enough, but these tasks have frequently been complicated by unusual site features and the fact that what clients want at the outset isn’t exactly what the site seems to require. In a few of these situations, I’ve needed to reset the stage entirely by remodeling significant architectural elements of the house to fuse indoor and outdoor spaces; in others, I’ve had to revise and reconfigure everything on site except the house.  As I roll through these various scenarios, the thought I always keep uppermost in mind has to do with making everything seem as though