A Pool Buyer’s Guide, Part I
Far too often, consumers approach construction projects in and around their homes as though they were buying television sets at a local mall.  Nothing could be farther from reality! Let’s take a swimming pool as a case in point:  Unlike an off-the-shelf commodity, a pool is a personal item that should be designed around the buyers, their lifestyle, how they entertain and – very important! – the nature of the building site.  Also unlike most consumer commodities, the excellence of quality, design and performance is known to
The Architect Connection
Those of us in the design and construction industry are engaged in a singularly complicated human endeavor.  To make things work, it’s common for many technical disciplines to come together, including soils and structural engineers and contractors and subcontractors as well as architects, interior designers, landscape architects, lighting designers and watershapers – all working in concert to bring form to the goals and aspirations of the clients. These professionals unite in designing spaces that people use and occupy – a simple yet profound thread that ties all of us engaged in any given project together.  Through our combined efforts, we
Bridging the Design Gap
As a contractor, do you ever wish that you could avoid fussing with clients about design and could instead just get down to the business of building watershapes and getting all the details right?  Do you ever think you're wasting the time you spend on design, because you know your prospects might go with another contractor despite the time you've spent drawing pretty pictures? Not every watershape contractor will answer "yes" to the first question, but I'm sure most of you have at least thought "yes" about the second one.  That's because most contractors I know don't charge for design, at least not directly.  As necessary, you'll hire
Choosing Your Path
Even with the broad variations among basic types of watershapes - pools, spas, streams, ponds, waterfalls or fountains - they are all unified by the simple fact that every project must first be