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2013/1.2, January 23 — Desert Delights, Weathering Winter, Self-Contained Wall Fountains and more
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Getting into Aquatic Plants
At the start, a large number of ponds are all about the fish. From the planning stages through to completion, the goal is to create an environment in which koi and other beautiful specimens will thrive in an environment that is both balanced and self-sustaining. There’s a lot that goes into making these miniature ecosystems work, from good circulation and filtration systems to including places where the fish can retreat from the sun and predators. But when all is said and done, the key to achieving ongoing, sustainable balance has less to do with technology than it does with Mother Nature and
2010/9.1, September 8 — Pond Shelves, Careless Contractors, Water Wars and more
September 8, 2010 WATERSHAPES.COM FEATURE ARTICLE Don’t Forget the Shelves! According to waterfeatures construction manager…
Don’t Forget the Shelves!
Whether you’re installing a small residential watergarden or a large commercial pond, the key to producing one that is both natural-looking and easy to plant is largely determined by how you design