Bloedel Reserve

2012/8.1, August 8 — Stellar Reflecting Pool, Pond Tips, Japanese Inspiration and more
August 8, 2012 WATERSHAPES.COM ESSENTIAL Eyes on the Skies It’s not his daily practice to…
Beauty in Reserve
In one of my very first Travelogues (see the October 26, 2011 edition of WaterShapes EXTRA!), I wrote about Washington’s Bainbridge Island – and more specifically about Bloedel Reserve and its large reflecting pool, which was showcased by Kelly Klein in Pools, her wonderful coffee-table book. I’ve just returned from another trip to the island and once again
2011/10.2, October 26 — Patio Design, Historic Pool, Valuing Trade Shows and more
October 26, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM FEATURE ARTICLE A Patio Primer Continuing his ongoing discussion of key…
Echoes Through Time
When I travel from Los Angeles to visit my mother, who lives across the sound from Seattle on Washington’s beautiful Bainbridge Island, I always do my best to stop by the Bloedel Reserve while I’m there.   The Reserve is an internationally renowned public garden that puts its emphasis on